Robots patrol the streets of Singapore on police duty

October 10, 2021

Singapore has taken the next step in technology-based policing. The AI-powered robots patrol the streets of Singapore on police duty, ready to issue warnings or advice to those behaving indecently.
Tasked with catching petty criminals, the robot is a ground patrol policeman and roams the streets of major city districts looking for undesirable behavior. During a three-week test in September, two robots were deployed to patrol a residential area and a shopping center.
The robots, dubbed “Xavier,” are equipped with seven cameras that allow them to detect “unwanted social behavior,” such as parking their bikes improperly, smoking in an unauthorized area, or disregarding social distance.
The AI-powered robot is backed by an expensive sensor, equipped with a 360-degree camera console, Xavier is an autonomous robot that patrols the streets on his own and requires no human command.
Xavier reminds people to follow instructions and not participate in activities that are not allowed in public places.
catching on people violating rules, Xavier alerts the central “command and control” center in real time and delivers return message to the perpetrators via the built-in speaker.
According to the Singapore city, the robot is specifically designed to assist police officers and reduce the burden on physical patrols.
The island of roughly 5.5 million people, there are 90,000 police cameras, a number that will double by 2030, and facial recognition technology, which helps authorities sort out faces from crowds, can be installed on lampposts throughout the city.
Robotic deployments are increasing with police forces around the world. However, there has been public opposition on this issue.

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