Mr Incredibeard

September 27, 2013

Mr IncredibeardIf you suffer from pogonophobia (a fear of beards) then look away now.
A man from San Francisco is breaking the boundaries of facial hair fashion and gravity with his fantastical beard styles.
Self-confessed beard enthusiast Isaiah Webb has been sharing photos of his ‘beard dos’ online, posting a different style on his Instagram profile every Monday or ‘Monbeardday’.Webb, who is also known as Mr Incredibeard, has experimented with every style imaginable from curls and waves to making his beard hold a burger and fries.
There is also a shot of his beard completely straightened and another in which it has been fashioned into a bowl containing noodles.
The 29-year-old explains on his blog that his wife helps him to put his hirsute styles together with a little extra help from various hair products.
Most recently Mr Incredibeard has been applying The Woodsman Mustache Wax and Beard Oil.
On his blog, the lustrously bearded Webb also shares tips about maintaining beards and advice on replicating his wacky looks.

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