What is the right age to marry-read it out

December 16, 2008

Millions of people tie knot every year because it is a norm that we all have to follow. But how many of us really know about the right age of marrying? Some says the right age of marrying is when you are absolutely jaded and feel there is nothing left to explore in life. Some believes to secure themselves financially before tying the knot with the other person.
There was a time when 25 year old unmarried girl invited enough fodder to fill a stable, but not any more. The total concept of marrying has undergone a lot of change. Welcome to this new world, where love is just another virtue and marriage is a destination not so eagerly awaited. Marriage is certainly a necessity which provides you emotional and financial security plus acceptance in the society. It provides you someone special who makes you feel special throughout your lifetime and be with you throughout ups and downs of life. But still, one should marry only when one really feels it is required not under family pressure. Age does matter, because things done at the right time have positive influences on your life. It helps you to plan your kids early and have a more balanced and focused life. But still marriage remains a matter of personal choice.
Someone might feel the need to get settled at 25 while someone might not be ready even at 35.for some, the later you marry, the better! This is because they feel that this gives you enough time to plan your life the way you want to. As the youngsters are pretty okay with marrying late in their life but their mothers are worried about their late-pregnancy and its corresponding problems.
Marriage is still a debatable topic, so before you tie your knot, make sure you have thought twice over your decision.

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