How To Feel And Look Fresh Throughout The Day

March 14, 2009

Hey girls and guys are you thinking about some effective ways for keeping yourself fresh and bright all day long irrespective of weather conditions and work pressures on your body. Well, in that case, read this article written below, it will guide you on various such tips.
Hey people, just keep in mind that instead of consuming carbonated or sweet drinks, drink lots of water in your daily diet. This will keep you hydrated all day long irrespective of weather conditions. Make sure you take at least 8 glasses of water a day. You should also take about five servings of fruits too in your diet to keep yourself fresh and healthy.
Avoid eating too much of chocolates. This is because chocolates create feeling of well-being, which is why lot of people craves for it. Wean yourself away from it.
No mater how much hot weather is outside, get out of your house. Believe me; this really does help in cheering your mood in a big way. Just wear a sun cream and hat and enjoy outside.
Keep your hair tidy. Keep it tied whenever possible and don’t use too many chemicals on it. Keep in mind that the more natural your hair is, the better it is for you.
Don’t forget to iron your clothes before you go anywhere. This really does make a difference to your appearance.
Get enough sleep to keep you fresh the entire day. In any situation, try to get at least 8 hours of restful and undisturbed sleep to keep yourself hale and hearty.
Wipe your face with a face towel, without soap; morning and night, as this prevent spots. Plus it keeps your skin clean, clear and dirt-free from outside pollutants, keeping it fresh all day long.

Courtesy of Ayushveda

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