Lily Allen calls journalist the C-word on Twitter

November 30, 2010

Singer lashes out after gossip writer claimed she planned to marry to get over miscarriage
Lily Allen has used Twitter to brand a “cunt” the female journalist who wrote on Sunday that she was planning to marry her boyfriend, Sam Cooper, to “ease her baby grief”.
The feisty singer, who suffered her second miscarriage just four weeks ago, was responding to an article in the Mail on Sunday by columnist Katie Nicholl.
Nicholl quoted an unnamed friend of the couple saying: “Lily and Sam had loose plans to marry after the baby was born but nothing concrete was in motion. Now they have decided they want to be man and wife as soon as possible.”
Allen tweeted: “I THINK you’re a cunt, leave me out of your shitty column, you know nothing about the intimate details of my life.”
Actually, Allen said something even more offensive in an earlier tweet and then amended it to the one above after Nicholl contacted her. “[She] has threatened to consult her lawyer if I don’t take that tweet down. She thinks it was too heavy handed. So I’ll amend it,” tweeted Allen.
Lily, who is the daughter of the famously rude comedian Keith Allen, has had several arguments on Twitter. She fell out with Courtney Love after they both appeared at the NME Awards in March 2010, with each of them posting unflattering pictures of the other.
In February 2009, she had a vicious row with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, calling him a “bitter lonely old queen” and a “parasite”.


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