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February 19, 2012

In conversation with Rizia Parvin
Rizia Parvin is a popular name on the music scene, busy with both playbacks and modern music. She recently talked about her life and hectic schedule.
Tell us about your latest album?
Rizia Parvin: My last album was “Abar Hobe Toh Dekha”, featuring 12 songs by Manna Dey. I admire his music very much, and the album was a tribute to the great singer.
You recently announced that you will come forth with an album of Rabindra Sangeet.
Rizia Parvin: Yes I did. Some of the songs for the album have already been recorded. You can say this album is born out of my love for the genre. Hopefully the album will come out by next year.
How did you start out in the music arena?
Rizia Parvin: I took my first music lessons from my father. He was not a professional singer, but sang out of his love for music. I was born and brought up in Rajshahi and also took my first steps in music there. During my childhood, I saw my father practicing with a harmonium and I caught up the tunes from him.
Who are your mentors in music?
Rizia Parvin: I took lessons from Syed Abdul Jabbar and Syed Rabiul Hossain. But I received the most comprehensive music lessons from Ustaad Abdul Latif Bachchu. All of them are from Rajshahi.
Tell us about the special achievements during your childhood.
Rizia Parvin: I received the national child artiste award in 1980. I won first prizes in Nazrul Sangeet, classical and local song categories. Later, I was included as a roster artiste at Rajshahi Betar without an audition.
What was your first playback experience?
Rizia Parvin: I did my first playback in the movie, “Talak”, which starred Razzak and Bobita. At that time, I came back and forth between Dhaka and Rajshahi to record a song. It went like this for a while. After passing my intermediate exams, I finally settled in Dhaka. My schedule became more packed with playback performances after that.
How many playbacks have you done so far?
Rizia Parvin: I cannot give the exact count. I have done several.
Which of your playbacks were the most popular?
Rizia Parvin: Many of the playbacks became hits, including “Tumi Shokha Amar Bondhu Lago Ami Shokhi Tomar Priya Lagi”, “Tumi Amar Chaand Ami Chaaderi Aalo”, “Shobar Jibone Prem Ashe”, “Akaashe te Lokkho Tara”, “Nai Nai Naire Shara Deshe Nai” and “’Asha Amar Bhalobasha”.
Are you busy with live performances?
Rizia Parvin: Most of the rush is in stage appearances. I am busy with both home and shows abroad. I get the most excitement from live shows.
Who are your favourite singers?
Rizia Parvin: I have worshipped the vocal skills of Lata Mungeshkar since childhood. She is my favourite singer. I also admire Kishore Kumar, Manna Dey and Asha Bhosle. In our country, Sabina Yasmin and Shahnaj Rahmatullah top the list. I perform many of Shahnaj Rahmatullah’s songs on stage.
What are your achievements as an artiste?
Rizia Parvin: Definitely the biggest achievement is the love of the audience. No other achievement can top this.
Any regrets?
Rizia Parvin: I regret at times when I think I haven’t been able to sing a song that will stay cemented in the hearts of the listeners.

Courtesy of The Daily Star

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