Plasmic Knock work on solo album

June 28, 2011

Rock band Plasmic Knock are currently busy working on their first solo album.
Promising rock band Plasmic Knock was formed in January 2007. The band won the 2nd place at the Nokia IAC [Independent Artist Club] in 2008.
Swapner Rajya, the first song of the band, was released in 2010 in the mixed album Maanchitro. The band released its second song Swadhinotar Gaan in the mixed band album Protibimbo on 26 April, 2011. Due to the popularity of the tracks, both the songs were made into music videos by ATM Bangla.
Plasmic Knock cordially thanked Warfaze, Miles, Rockstrata, Cryptic Fate, Aurthohin, Artcell and Black for supporting and inspiring the band. The current line-up of the
band includes Adil (guitar), Ayon (vocal), Sunny (drums) and Onasis (bass).

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