Mila’s Redefined hits the music scene

August 31, 2009

The much-awaited album by the young and hip singer Mila was finally launched on August 29 at a local restaurant in Dhanmondi. This is yet another accomplishment by Fuad Al-Muqtadir, who hit the contemporary scene with his extraordinary music. Featuring lyrics by Shahan Kabondho, among others, the Fuad featuring Mila album “Redefined” has been produced by G-series. With a set of 17 tracks, Fuad and Mila showcase, not only their excellence in music production, but also share wit and humorous experiences that the team had gone through over the last few months of writing, recording, editing, and re-recording.
In each of their albums, Fuad and Mila try to add something innovative and fresh for their fans. While from their last album “Chapter 2”, the song “Jatrabala” became a huge hit. The duo’s latest venture “Redefined” will also hopefully manage to shock listeners with “Disco Bandor”, an amalgamation of rhythm, melody, which is simply put, a lot of fun. For those who find “Disco Bandor” a treat, the video (made by Gazi Shubhro and his team Red Dot) is a must watch, coming soon on television this Eid.
The music scene today boasts very few young musicians who are dedicated to their craft, and Mila seems to be one of them. Close friends say that Mila is not only a dedicated artiste, but is also a strong and determined individual.
Just in her early twenties, Mila has successfully managed to carve a niche in the music scene, thanks to her talent and courage. For all the Fuad and Mila fans who appreciate their sense of versatility and creativity, the song “Nirob” from “Redefined” is a must have.
In a nutshell, “Redefined” is expected to redefine not only Fuad and Mila’s musical abilities, but also become a voice of the youth of today.

Courtesy of The Daily Star

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