James becomes more regular in playbacks

January 13, 2015

James becomes more regular in playbacksRenowned musician James has become more regular in lending his voice for films. Recently he has playbacked for four films—Desha The Leader, Warning, Zero degree and yet to be released Satta. I have become interested in playback because of two reasons—first of all, good days are coming for our films, and, secondly, musicians are trying to bring new things in lyric and composition of songs,’ informed James to New Age.‘I will continue doing playbacks if the composition and lyrics are good. Therefore, I will only concentrate on quality and not quantity of songs,’ also added James.
The recent playbacks of the artiste have already created a buzz. ‘Listeners have conveyed their appreciation for Etto Kosto, a song from film Warning. Besides, Potakata Khamchate, a song from Desha The Leader, and Zero Degree’s Alotai Dekechho have also engaged audiences,’ said James, who also shared that he is greatly revitalised for the acclamations especially when the music industry is suffering from many difficulties.
James also shared that he will again think of releasing albums when the condition of the industry improves. He also informed that he is continuously doing stage shows in home and abroad. ‘Stage performance and foreign trips have become the last resort for many singers of the country,’ observed James.
Even though James has worked in Bollywood, he is currently concentrating on local films only. ‘Presently I am busy with local films, but I’m always open to offers from Bollywood,’ said James.
‘Bollywood is a large industry and numerous musicians are working there. The greatest thing about Bollywood is that they are highly professional,’ observed James.
However, he thinks that currently Bangladesh music industry is acquiring professionalism. ‘Nowadays, local musicians are getting more exposure to what’s going on in other parts of the world and therefore, they are also becoming more professional,’ opined James.
One of the most popular rockers of the country, James is the lead guitarist and vocalist of Nagar Baul (formerly known as Feelings). James performs psychedelic rock, rock and blues music. James is credited with 18 albums to date. James met Pritom, a Bengali music director in Bollywood in 2004. In 2005, James delivered a hit number for Bollywood film Gangster. The song remained atop of Bollywood Hit List for more than a month. Since then he has done other numbers for the Indian film industry.

-With New Age input

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