Hundred-fifty music albums released for Eid

July 26, 2014

Hundred-fifty music albums released for EidAlmost half of the total number of music albums released a year comes during the Eid-ul-Fitr. Even though the music industry is in its waning phase with little turn-outs, producers find Eid-ul-Fitr to be a propitious time to release their best ones. The good news is this year, the music release scenario for Eid is nothing different. Around 150 audio albums produced by different production houses are hitting the market. The albums vary in music genres, tastes and styles. Classic, Tagore, ghazal, rock, pop, all are in the list.
Like previous year, production house G-Series and its sister concern Agniveena have produced the maximum number of albums, no less than 70 in number.
Among the albums of these two production houses is popular singer Tahsan’s sixth solo Uddeshyo Nei which has 11 melodic numbers in the singer’s signature style. A few Tagore albums are also in the list such as Saurav Das’ Eki Labonne, Toma’s Khuje Berai, Jolly Rahman’s Tumi Khushi Thako, Shimul Zaman’s To Tagore With Love and Satyam Devnath’s Se Kotha Surey Surey.
Manzurul Islam’s ghazal album titled Ei Raat Emon Modhur can be a favourite too to the music-lovers.
Among other attractive albums by G-Series and Agniveena are Apel Mahmud’s Apel Mahmud The Legend, Prince Mahmud’s Ekushey Pa, Anita’s solo Anita 2, Basu Dev’s solo Abhisari Somoy, Lutfor Hasan’s solo Jonakira. Besides, the houses have brought forth some mixed albums too.
Production house Laser Vision is releasing around 30 albums of diverse genres. Among them are popular singer Kanakchapa’s comeback solo Arale, Fahmida Nabi’s solo Tumi Obhimane, Dinat Jahan Munni’s O Priyo, Tina’s Aj Ki Bristi Hobe, Kolkata-based singer Raghab’s Bari Pherar Tara.
Besides solo, Laser Vision is bringing some mixed albums too like Ador and Obak Bhalobasha. In the rock genre, there is Vikings’ comeback album Runout.
Production House CD Choice is bringing out around 25 albums. Among them are Tousif’s solo Abeg, mixed album Dhulor Gaan, Adnan’s solo Mon Janena. Besides, the house has brought folk solo Majhi by Nurjahan Alim, daughter of folk legend Abdul Alim.
A number of diverse music albums are being released by production house Sangeeta. In Sangeeta’s list, there are Baby Naznin’s The Baby Naznin Black Diamond, Alam Ara Minu’s Bondhu Hoye Jabo, Akhi Alamgir’s Boka Mon, Ronty Das’ Darpan, Beauty Das’ Finally and some others.
There are some more albums produced by new production houses this Eid which will surely attract a wider audience. Anmol, a new production house, has brought Fahmida Nabi’s Nazrul album Amare Chhuiachhile as its first album.
Incursion Music has brought rock music album Sohoj Golpo by band Echoes, and Parthibo- Definitive by band Parthibo. Besides, singer Shahrar Nizam’s new single Kokil got online release from Siren, a sister concern of Incursion.
Fahim Music is releasing Tagore album Ananta Anandadhara by Eric Ershad, son of former president Hussain Muhammad Ershad.

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