Bishwajit prefers recorded TV programmes

November 2, 2012

Popular singer Kumar Bishwajit did not appear in any phono-live concert aired on different private TV channels during the Eid special programmes. He, however, presented songs in the recorded Eid magazine programmes.
The singer said that for his oversees concerts he could not perform in the live concerts. ‘I wanted to participate at the Eid festival but unfortunately I couldn’t as I was abroad for attending some concerts, and I returned on the second day of Eid,’ Bishwajit told New Age.
Kumar Bishwajit also told this reporter that he does not feel comfort in performing in the phono-live studio concerts either. According to him such popular programmes do not do justice to the singers.
‘I don’t attend phono-live studio concerts not because I am uneasy with live concerts but for the reason I believe that the channels don’t do justice to the artistes on these shows.
The artistes need to give a lot of time but don’t get due remuneration,’ Kumar Bishwajit said.
Bishwajit, however, said the he has no problem performing in the recorded TV programmes, which is not that time consuming. ‘Such programmes also allow me to present songs of my choice,’ Bishwajit said.
About selection of songs in concerts and recorded TV programmes, Bishwajit, who has lent voice in diverse songs, said, ‘In the recorded programmes I select songs targeting my audience of all age groups.’
Popular singer Kumar Bishwajit has lent voice to hundreds of popular songs belonging to different genres of which songs such as Dorodiya, O daktar, Tumi roj bikele, Bashonto chhueychhey amakey and Chandona go raag koro na have earned huge popularity.

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