Asif Iqbal returns with 3 albums

June 7, 2012

Renowned lyricist Asif Iqbal is going to hit the country’s music industry again with his three latest albums. After a break of about two years, the talented artiste is coming soon with his coffers of lyrics to stimulate the listeners.
Among the three albums, two titled as “Shobta Jure” and “Obhimani Akash” will be released at the end of this month while the rest one titled as “Ontoheen 2”, will be available at market from the middle of next month. All the songs of these albums were written by Asif Iqbal.
The songs of Ahmed Razib featuring mixed album “Shobta Jure” will be performed by Bappa Mazumdar, Partha Barua, Mahadi, Kona, Ehsan Rahi, Razib, Mehnaz and Neela Nazneen.
Featured by Rakib Mosabbir, the mixed album “Obhimani Aakash” includes rendition of 8 songs including a duet performance. The songs are: “Chole jete chao” by Bappa Mazumdar, “Akasher rong” by Shafiq Tuhin and Ronti Das, “Mukhe bolona” by Kona, “Hridoyer ayna” by Parvez Sajjad, “Fire elam” by Mahadi, “Duchokhe srabon” by Pulak Adhikary, “Bhul chhilo” by TW Sainik and “Bhalobasha” by Rumana Yasmin Natasha.
The third album “Ontoheen 2” will be featured by duet performances of Elita and Mahadi under the music composition and direction of Adit. Adit is scheduled to go to Mumbai soon for the music recording of this album. Meanwhile, “Ontoheen” was the last album of Asif Iqbal, which was released two years ago.
While talking about his returning after two years, Asif said, “Though I didn’t appear with any song written by in the last two years, it doesn’t mean that I was far away from music. During this interlude, I thought and wrote many songs and they are going to be released under these albums soon.”
“In these albums, I tried my level best to capture all my good emotions of love. Three promising talented composers and all the singers have given their best. I request the listeners to listen to these songs.”

-With The New Nation input

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