Zahid plays diverse characters in Eid

August 29, 2011

Zahid Hasan fans will get a different taste of their favourite actor’s performance in the upcoming Eid.  The powerful actor Zahid Hasan will perform in diverse interesting characters in four single episode Eid plays and one tele-film are to be aired on different TV channels.
Zahid Hasan will appear as the celebrity in the comedy of error Jonoiko Zahid Hasan, which Rtv will air in Eid special programme.
After entertaining the audience with three sequels of Arman Bhai on previous Eid occasions, Zahid Hasan is playing the titular character of Arman Bhai for the fourth time in this Eid, which Banga Vision will air.
‘The play revolves around different humorous incidents that happen with Arman, his wife and his neighbours. Performing in the play was a very happy experience,’ said Zahid in a conversation with New Age. Tisha is the co-actor of Zahid Hasan in this play which will be aired in Bangla Vision on the third day of Eid at 8:00pm.
In the tele-film, titled Jonoiko Zahid Hasan, the actor plays dual characters. Zahid further said, ‘The play shows a man who looks alike TV actor Zahid Hasan. To take advantage of his appearance, the man claims himself as the TV star and many interesting incidents take place. At a point of time, the man encounters the original Zahid Hasan.’ The film will be aired on RTV on the 5th day of Eid at 2:15pm.
On acting only on five plays in this Eid, Zahid said that he was in Saudi Arabia to perform Omrah during the Ramadan, when most of the plays are made for Eid.
‘I only acted in a few single-episode TV plays for Eid. I completed the tasks before I left for Umrah. So, my schedule is not overloaded with many projects in this Eid,’ said Zahid.
Besides, Zahid is also an accredited director and provided the industry with hit serials like Lal Neel Beguni, Eka, Chor Kuthuri and others. Directed by Zahid, mega-serial Haater Rekha Kotha Bole is being aired on ATN Bangla and already making waves.  
Zahid, who has also gained plaudits as a silver screen actor, recently worked in a feature film titled Projapoti which is yet to be released. Directed by Mostafa Kamal Raj, Mousumi and Mosharraf Karim are the co-stars of Zahid in the film.

-With New Age input

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