The TV scene this year

December 31, 2012

The year is nearing its end, leaving a trail of eventful times in retrospective. The television media saw many ups and downs and here is a recap of 2012:
Tying the knot: Popular model-actress Monalisa got married on 12.12.2012. Stars like actor Siddiq, actress Nisa, and model-actor Sayeed Babu also chose the same date to get married. The year also saw the weddings of Veet Channel i top model Hasin, Lux beauty Tahsin, Sabrin Saka Meem, Prova, Alvi, Ognila and Debashish Bishwash.
Shift from TV to silver screen: Several TV stars appeared on celluloid this year, including Lux star Aparna, Moushumi Naag, Anisur Rahman Milan, Mehzabien, Saju Khadem, Shatabdi Wadud, Jyotika Jyoti, Mosharraf Karim, Chanchal Chowdhury, Tisha, Shamim Shahed, Nawshin, Richie Solaiman, Sanjida Pritee, Bidya Sinha Saha Meem, Jaya Ahsan, Bonna Mirza, Shayna Amin, Kallyan Koraia and Nayeem.
Rookies in the spotlight: Several newcomers performed brilliantly in 2012, showing great potential to become the next TV superstars. Lux beauty Moushumi Hamid had her fair share of the limelight for her portrayal of the eponymous role in “Roshni”. The drama’s popularity even spread to Kolkata, as it was aired on ETV Bangla. The calendar books were also filled throughout the year for Ishana, Rakhi, Mashiat, Toya, Bhabna, Nisa, Nawshaba, Elin, Ohona, Mimo, Kallyan, Shyamol, Nayan and several other artistes.
Popular serials: Harkipta, Long March, Kamini, Ohongkar, Gronthik-gon Kohe, Bachelor The Family, Radio Chocolate, Rupkotha, Terminal, Shaat Sowdagar, Khonikaloy, Chaad Ful Omaboshhya, Chowdhury Villa, Shatkahon, Chhayanari Kayanari, Jhulonto Babura, Oloshpur, Bondhu Amar, Paa Rekhechi Joubone, Jadur Shohor, Nurjahan, Roshni are among the most popular serials in 2012.
New parents: Monpura-famed actress Farhana Mili became a mother this year, as did actress Nawshaba, who is well known for her role in Rupkotha. The new fathers were Shaju Khadem, Shahed Sharif Khan and Mahfuz Ahmed.
Momo’s educational feat: Momo gathered a massive following within a short period of her arrival in the media. She took a brief break after becoming a mother, but regained her momentum soon after. She got her Master’s from Jahangirnagar University’s Department of Drama and Dramatics with a first class first position.
Directorial debut: Apurba rebounded in the TV media this year, by directing his first telefim. The telefilm, where Apurba also acted, will be aired soon.
Pairing up after a decade: The legendary on-screen couple Afzal Hossain and Subarna Mustafa paired up for a fresh TV drama after 12 years. Arif Khan directed the much hyped drama titled “Prem Bachite Jaane”.
Actors in the spotlight: The stars who were in demand throughout the year included Shahiduzzaman Selim, Zahid Hasan, Chanchal Chowdhury, Mosharraf Karim, Mahfuz Ahmed and Sajal. Mir Sabbir was also praised for works that were unique and different.
Actresses in the spotlight: Looking back at the past year, Joya Ahsan was the most popular actress on screen. Other actresses who shared the spotlight included Tarin, Tisha, Sumaiya Shimu, Bindu, Biddya Sinha Saha Meem, Momo, Bonna Mirza, Nowshin and Sarika.
Popular sequels: The popularity of the Arman Bhai dramas called for more sequels, and the creators of Arman Bhai provided a worthy continuation of the series. The sequels were made during the Eids.
Best TV show: Despite its two-decade long run on BTV, “Ittyadi” continues to gain popularity over the years. Along with its original entertainment value, “Ittyadi” also serves to point to the fallacies of society and create social awareness. Last year, “Ittyadi” featured several personalities who dedicated their lives to the welfare of society.
Crowning of the new superstar: Several of the Lux Channel i Superstars have carved niches for themselves over the years. The newest winner of the crown was Samia Sayeed, with Prasun Azad the first runner up and Samiha Hossain Khan claiming the remaining podium spot.
New face of Bipasha: Bipasha Hayat regaled the TV audience with the programme “Othiti”. She also stayed on her toes as a playwright. Book lovers were delighted to discover the writer in Bipasha Hayat as her new book “Ghum Bhanga Manusher Golpo” came out this year.
The most popular directors: 2012 saw notable works being directed by Salahuddin Lavlu, Giasuddin Selim, Shahiduzzaman Selim, Touqir Ahmed, Afsana Mimi, Arannya Anwar, Animesh Aich, Golam Sohrab Dodul, Nahid Ahmed Pial, Badrul Anam Soud, Redwan Ronny, Muhammad Mostafa Kamal Raj, Nurul Alam Atiq, Shokal Ahmed, Syed Awlad, Masud Sezanne etc. The new directors who made a name for themselves in the year include Tuhin Obonto, Tanim Rahman Aungshu, Himu Akram.
Top playwrights: Brindabon Das was the top name among playwrights, closely followed by Masum Reza. Pantho Shahriar also spent a busy year as a dramatist, while Sagar Jahan was the busiest among the young playwrights.

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