The actor with a golden touch

December 30, 2011

Joya Ahsan in uncharted territory
Joya Ahsan certainly has a golden touch, making a success in every field she enters, be it as a model or actor on the small and silver screen, where she has earned raves for her performance in “Guerilla”. However, the modest actor leaves it to the audience to measure her success.
Recently, Joya entered uncharted territory by appearing as a ramp model at a fashion show in Gulshan’s Pink City. Joya Ahsan says the experience was unique, adding that she accepted the offer only upon the insistence of her long-time friend Shahrukh Amin. Saying that it was with Shahrukh that she stepped into showbiz, Joya adds that her catwalk experience was set off by an exquisite dress by the fashion designer and makeup artiste Farzana Shakil.
Asked on how her acting experience dovetails with that of being a ramp model, Joya answers it was an unforgettable experience in the TV play “Cherry Phul”, where she portrayed the role of a catwalk model. However, the actress adds that only time can tell whether there will be any future ramp modeling gigs for her.
As for her new year’s resolution, Joya plans to continue working in good productions and maintain consistency in her performances. She will also travel to Kolkata next February to work in her first ever Indian film “Aborto”. Joya’s performance in the 2011 film “Guerrilla” has already earned acclaim in the country, and was judged as the best Asian film at the recent Kolkata festival. Traveling to cinema halls around the country for the launch of ‘Guerrilla’ was a unique experience, Joya adds.
Her portrayal of Alta in “Choita Pagol” is also a first for the actress as it is a long running serial. Joya Ahsan termed Mahfuz Ahmed as one of her favorite co-workers, saying it was at his request that she agreed to do the extensive serial. Although scorching heat and torrential rain made the shooting process hard, the love that the audience bestowed on the cast and crew made the efforts worthwhile , adds Joya.
Other works by Joya Ahsan in the past year include the successful serial, “Miththa Tumi Dosh Pipra” and many one-hour-TV plays and telefilms including “Bhalobashi Tai Bhalobeshe Jai”, “Jol Torongo” and ‘Daliya”.
Meanwhile, the talented actress has also begun shooting for a Redwan Rony film titled “Chorabali’” where she will star opposite Indian actor Indranil. In the movie, Joya Ahsan plays the role of a crime reporter. The actress has high hopes for the film and says she is enjoying working on the project.

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