Tanzika on her current endeavours

December 31, 2010

Since she began her career as an actor in a drama serial titled ‘Sparsher Baire’ directed by Shahiduzzaman Selim, model Tanzika Amin has been regularly acting in TV plays these days. Now she is equally busy in her duo role as a model and an actor.
The number of her fans is on the rise with the maturity of the performance in a number of TV plays including ‘Nayak Asene’, ‘Khan Estate’ and ‘Swapner Barnamala’. More than ten drama serials she has acted in are being telecast on different television channels now.
The drama includes ‘Dhaka to London’ and ‘Aircom’ on RTV, ‘Dui Shalikh’ and ‘Path Jana Nai’ on ATN Bangla, ‘Shamparka’ and ‘Icaruser Dana’ on Boishakhi TV, ‘Dhupchhaya’ on NTV and ‘Uralpankhi Mon’ on Channel i.
Her most recent drama serial titled ‘Dhaka to London’ was premiered at a programme on December 11 at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre and the first episode of the drama was telecast on RTV on last Tuesday.
Tanzika is playing the character of a daughter of a middle class family and she romantically falls in love with a local criminal after conversation over phone. Though the man has already seen the girl, the girl does not see the man. At one point, the girl becomes desperate to meet the man face-to-face.
When asked how much similarity between your personal character and the character in the drama, Tanzika said that there was hardly any similarity between her personal traits and the traits portrayed by the girl of the drama.’
‘The girl in the drama falls in love without seeing and knowing the man but in my personal life I will not fall in love with anyone without seeing and knowing him well. Then I will make a decision. I am not supposed to do anything suicidal emotionally,’ Tanzika added.
Her another drama ‘Icaruser Dana’ being telecast on Boishakhi TV, jointly directed by Hridi Huq and Kamruzzaman Rony, focuses on the unlimited desire of people in our society. Regarding her character in the drama ‘Icaruser Dana’, Tanzika said, ‘In the drama, I play the role of a girl who becomes desperate to become a model and to do so, I start to take drugs, paying no heed to my parents and other close relatives.’

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