Shooting of play ‘Bangali Bodhu’ ends

March 31, 2011

Recently shooting of single episode play ‘Banglai Bodhu’ was held in different locations in the city’s Uttara area. The play was scripted by Irani Biswas and directed by Sajjad Rahman.
The cast includes Shahriar Nazim Joy, Mukti, Nupur, Shuvo and in a special role noted music composer Rajesh Ghosh. Basically story of the play is revolved with a lyricist and his two female fans.
Tina is a modern girl. She always practices foreign lifestyle in her daily life.
Once she faces trouble while walking in the street. During that time she meets Abir there. Tina’s friend Ria is a fan of Abir, a lyricist. She likes him silently.
Once Tina and Ria meet Abir while riding on a rickshaw together. When Ria stopped the rickshaw talked to Abir, Tina becomes anger with her. Then Tina knows that Abir is a famous lyricist.
While listening a song composed by Abir, Tina becomes tensed about her foreign lifestyle. Then they meet Abir in a studio. After passing some days Tina falls on love to Abir.
When Ria knows that Tina loves Abir she got pains. Then many climax raised in the story of the play.


Courtesy of The New Nation

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