Popular TV serial “Choita Pago” completes 50th episode

December 31, 2010

Directed by actor Mahfuz Ahmed, popular TV serial “Choita Pagol” completed its 50th episode on December 24th. The cast and crew of the serial held a special press briefing at the Channel i station in Dhaka to celebrate the occasion with the media. Mahfuz Ahmed, Joya Ahsan, Majnun Mizan, Rawnak Hasan, Tahsin and Brindabon Das were present at the programme.
Mahfuz thanked the audience and the sponsors for their continuing support. Saying that he hails from Noakhali, Mahfuz said that “Choita Pagol” is the first TV serial to entirely use the dialect of the district. He added that congratulatory phone calls from all over the country — wishing the success of the serial — have given him immense delight.
Mahfuz also credited the cast and crew’s contribution to the serial, as the defining factor for the success of “Choita Pagol”.
Asked about casting three actors for a single role, the director said that Nowshin was the primary choice. After she went overseas, Moushumi Bishwas was cast in the role, who in turn, also left for Canada. Finally Lux Super Star Tahsin was chosen to play the role.
Actress Joya Ahsan attributed the serial’s success to Mahfuz Ahmed’s hardworking and perfectionist attitude.
Brindabon Das said that he did not personally know Mahfuz before “Choita Pagol”. Four years ago, he met Mahfuz through the late actor Challenger. The duo mulled over the plan for the serial, which has been realised now, says Brindabon.
The cast, crew and the journalists present, later enjoyed the 50th episode of the well-appreciated serial.

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