Playing the part

June 29, 2011

In the media, some struggle throughout their career to reach their desired goal, while others find a fairytale journey awaiting them. For Sohana Saba it is definitely the latter, as the talented artiste began her career with dancing but over the years has managed to cement a niche for herself as an actor.
Sohana has taken on the challenge of diverse roles and worked to her advantage to become a skilled performer. Her role in the serial “Poush Phaguner Pala” is the latest in her repertoire of acclaim. The role of Promila has been prominent since the serial’s inception and will continue to play a dominant part till its conclusion. Sohana says she enjoyed playing the role of a bride who crosses over the border with her husband.
Those acquainted with the serial “Manobjomin”, have also seen Sohana reveal another facet of herself in the role of Mithila. About the character, who was originally named Monidipa in the novel that the serial was adapted from, Sohana says that Mithila is a personality with childish tendencies. As the story develops, the impulsive Mithila evolves into a mature personality. Sohana adds that she has blended herself into the role during the two years she has played the character.
Apart from serials, Sohana is also busy doing single-episode-TV plays such as “Ondho Tirondaj” and “’Eka”, while BTV is airing “Shorol Satya”.
The actor has also achieved success with her performances on the silver screen. The firm footing that she established with her debut in “Aaina” has only been strengthened with consecutive successes in “Khelaghor” and “Chandra Grohon”. But Sohana says this is not the end, she is still eager to play more challenging roles.


Courtesy of The Daily Star

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