Nazrul birth anniv on television channels

May 25, 2009

The 110th anniversary of birth of the national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam will be celebrated by all and the satellite television channels of the country will telecast special programs. They will telecast programmes including discussions, documentary show, dramas, soirees and recitations.
Channel i will telecast ‘Nazrul Mela’ live, from 11:05am to 5:00pm, from its office premise in Tejgaon. The mela includes musical programmes, poetry recitations, drama presentation, discussion and drawings on Nazrul.
It will also telecast Ferdous Ara’s solo music programme ‘Kalo Pahar Alo Karo’ at 9:35pm. Produced by Rehana Samdani, the program was shot in the mountainous areas in Nepal.
ATN Bangla
ATN Bangla will air a special drama titled ‘Agnigiri’. Based on a work of Nazrul, the drama is scripted and directed by Abul Hayat. The cast includes Shuvo, Nadia, Masud Ali Khan, Sharmili Ahmed.
It will also air a music programme titled ‘Abar Bhalobasar Sadh Jage’ at 5:10pm. Shahin Samad, Khirul Anam Sakil, Yeasmin Mustari, Khalid Hossain and Rebaka Sultana will sing Nazrul songs in the soiree. 
ETV will air a special drama ‘Gaebullah’ in celebration of Nazrul’s anniversary of birth at 10:10pm. Based on a short story titled ‘Jinar Badsha’ by Kazi Nazrul Islam, the drama is directed by Minhazur Rahman. The cast includes Toukir Ahmed, Richi Solaiman, Saleh Ahmed and Masuda Khan.
It will also air a music programme titled ‘Amare Dibona Bhulite’ at 8:30pm. Khairul Anam Shakil, Yeasmin Mustary, Kalpana Anam will sing Nazrul songs while Bipasa Ray and Oishi will show dance performance.
To mark the anniversary, NTV will telecast a special drama ‘Mejo Bou’ at 9:00pm. Based on a portion of a novel titled ‘Mritukshudha’ by Nazrul, the drama is scripted and directed by Abul Hayat. The cast includes Bipasa Hayat, Sajal, Dipannita Ice and Abul Hayat.
It will also telecast a music programme titled ‘Chiro Chena Sur’ at 2:35pm. The audiences can request singers to perform songs of their choice. Ferdous Ara, Khirul Anam Sakil, Yeasmin Mustarin, Yakub Ali Khan, Closeup one star Tasmi and Mahadi will take part in the programme.
RTV will celebrate the 110th birth anniversary by telecasting special drama ‘Amar Naam Nazrul’ at 9:00pm. The drama is scripted by Rihab Mahmud and directed by Minhazur Rahman. The cast includes Arman Pervez Murad, Nadia Ahmed, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Jhuna Choudhury among others.
Music programme titled ‘Agnibinar Sur’ will be
aired at 5:00pm. The programme is hosted by Taposhi Khan and produced by Farhana Sharmin Shuchi.
Desh TV
To celebrate Nazrul Janmajayanti, Desh TV will telecast a music programme titled ‘Ganer Mala’ at 8:15pm. Noted singers of Nazrul sangeet such as Ferdous Ara, Khairul Anam Shakil, Fatema-Tuz-Zohra, Sharmin Shathi Islam, Yakub Ali, Sadia Afrin Mallik will present Nazrul songs.
It will also air a discussion programme titled ‘Samayer Nazrul’ at 7:45pm. Discussants will speak on the literatures of Kazi Nazrul Islam and some of his works. Santanu Kaisar and Syed Abul Muksud will be present as discussant and the programme will be hosted by Dr Biswajit Goash.

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