Mir Sabbir shoots for a new drama

June 4, 2012

Sound, lights, action
Mir Sabbir shoots for a new drama
Approaching Dhanmondi Lake near a dead end on road number 4, a crowd of curious rickshaw-pullers and pedestrians gather around a spot. A shoot for a play is underway. Mir Sabbir — the director of the drama — sits in front of the monitor, while actors Zahid Hasan and Bindu stand before the camera. Sabbir stands up and walks over to the actors to give them a brief on how he wants to capture the scene.
A song is readied to be recorded; Hasan and Bindu are to run towards the camera from the far end of the narrow pathway that stretches on the side of the lake. At the end of this take, they will lean against a wall, with a vintage Bangla song playing in the background. Two takes are needed to get the director’s approval.
Sabbir informs that this Eid-special drama will be titled “Alal Dulal”, adding that it has a brilliant story. This correspondent then comes face to face with Hasan, who smilingly exchanges greetings. A few words are also exchanged with Bindu.
A lunch break is to follow the shooting session; the destination — Sabbir’s Dhanmondi residence. Hasan opens up over lunch, asking for an update on the media. He also extends an invitation to visit the Sirajganj shooting spot for his new serial “Toto Company”.
After lunch, Sabbir sits with Hasan to lay out a plan on which shots will be captured next. Sabbir expresses his wish to complete five more scenes by the day’s end, and Hasan assures him that this is well within the realm of possibility. It is then the actor’s turn to memorise his lines. Sabbir informs that he is playing the role of Dulal in the drama, while Hasan plays Alal.
Bindu, meanwhile, plays with Sabbir’s son Farsat before bidding goodbye to everyone, as she has no more scenes for the day.
Everyone else resumes shooting, with Sabbir telling his assistant director to get a rickshaw for the next scene. The cameras, monitor, light and boom — all headed to Dhanmondi’s Medinova premises. Passersby stare at the stars Hasan and Sabbir as they walk to the site.
Cameraperson Golam Mostafa Bachchu stands with his equipment in the middle of the street. Amidst scorching heat, the scene is shot, where Alal and Dulal (Zahid Hasan and Mir Sabbir) pass by in a rickshaw. Much time is needed to capture the shot.
The next scene will be shot near the Dhanmondi Lake again, so the unit once more moves to a new destination. A three-wheeler van is brought for the scene. People walking by are surprised to see Hasan and Sabbir on a van, but soon realise that shooting is on nearby. The gathering crowd, however, poses a challenge and it takes half an hour to get a single scene.
By then, night has drawn its curtains, as Dipa Khandaker, Oliul Haq Rumi and Kochi Khandaker prepare for the next scene. Sabbir informs that he has also written the play. The story should make the audience laugh and cry at the same time, he adds.
Hasan says he enjoys the directorial skills of Sabbir, and expresses the hope that Sabbir will become a successful director in the near future.
As the sky darkens, Sabbir calls it a day and announces that shooting will resume at 9 am the next day.

-With The Daily Star input

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