Mausumi and Omar Sunny having dinner with the whole family, dispel gossip

June 17, 2022

A photo posted on Omar Sunny’s verified Facebook page on Thursday night shows Mausumi and Omar Sunny having dinner with the whole family, as was unimaginable at the present time.
Earlier, Sunny had mentioned that they had stopped talking to each other for the past four months, despite living in the same house.
In the caption of the posted photo, Omar Sunny wrote, “Remain fine everybody, pray for us.”
On June 10, Omar Sani had accused fellow actor, Zayed Khan of threatening him with a gun at the wedding of the son of famous actor Dipjol. He also complained about this issue to the Artists’ Association. In addition to the complaints about Zayed’s threats to shoot Sani, he also mentioned that Zayed had been harassing his wife, Moushumi, in a variety of ways.
On June 13, Moushumi went against the allegations made by Sani and provided the media with a voice message. There, Moushumi denied all the allegations made by Sani, and instead spoke on behalf of Zayed Khan.
Then, the couple’s son, Fardeen later told the media that his father’s allegations were true and that Zayed Khan had harassed his mother. Not only that, Zayed Khan has also caused trouble in his business.
Zayed Khan has fully denied these allegations to the media.

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