Mahfuz acts in over 10 plays in Eid

August 29, 2011

Popular TV actor-director Mahfuz Ahmed has acted in over 10 single-episode plays and tele-films to be aired in different private TV channels during the Eid festival. Audience will get to see Mahmuz in different roles in many of the Eid specials.
‘I have performed in 10-12 single-episode plays and tele-films for the upcoming Eid. The viewers will watch me in different characters including romantic, negative and comic rolls,’ said the versatile actor.
On his selection process of characters, Mahfuz said, ‘Before performing in any production, I thoroughly go through the character. If the character emotionally moves me, I go for it and I manage to do it even if my schedule remains busy.’
Recently Mahfuz has emerged as a TV play director.  “Amader Nurul Huda” was the first drama serial that he co-directed with Aranya Anwar. ‘Tomar Doa-e Bhalo Achhi Ma’ and ‘Choita Pagol’, among others, directed by Mahfuz, were much admired by the TV viewers. Besides serial, he has directed several single-episode plays. In the upcoming Eid, two single-episode plays and one telefilm, directed by him, will be aired in different TV channels.
‘The themes of my three productions are completely different from each other. The single-episode play “Ekjon Chhayaboti” highlights the fact that it is human who gives the shelter to another entity of its kind in distress. In the play, a woman plays the central role who provides the shelter,’ said Mahfuz.
‘Another play titled “Dehorakhhi” focuses on the adverse affect of eve-teasing while the tele-film “Ki Kotha Tahar Shathey” is purely romantic. The tele-film is a love tri-angle in which mother and daughter fall in love with same person,’ added Mahfuz.
Talking about how he manages his schedule in Eid, he said, ‘The period moves on crazily for us, the actors. And obviously, my venture for direction adds extra pressure. However, hard working is the only measure to manage the schedule.’
After completing all the assignments, the actor will spend a vacation in Chennai with his wife.

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