“Lux-Channel i Superstar” as a launching pad

July 31, 2012

In conversation with Rakhi
A number of aspiring young actresses who were launched through the “Lux Channel i Superstar” talent hunt, are now busy in the media. These artistes have all the potential to carve out successful careers and may well dominate the media by dint of their talent and hard work.
Rakhi is firmly in this category. Though most people are not familiar with her name yet, chances are, they have seen her TV commercials. A commercial of Close Up 1, which is now being aired frequently on different channels, has already caught people’s attention. This work has helped Rakhi to cement her career as a model.
The most talked about commercial featuring Rakhi is that of Ceylon Tea. A jingle of this commercial, “…Moyna pakhiti kotha bolbe, cholun chhade jaoa jaak”, has become quite popular. Apart from this, Rakhi has also been featured in TV commercials for Meril Lip Gel, Elite Paint and Parachute Hair Oil.
Rakhi stepped into the media only a few years ago. A winner in the “Lux Channel i Superstar” contest in 2010, she has never looked back since. Now she is a busy model, actor and TV host. She has hosted a TV show named “Lux Drama.com”.
Rakhi is continuing her studies as well. She is now a student of A Level. In addition to her career in the media, Rakhi dreams of soaring in the skies as a pilot.
How was her experience in the “Lux Channel i Superstar” contest? Pat comes the answer: “Actually, I am short of words. That was the best moment of my life. And it is because of that platform that I did not have to struggle too much to make a place in the media.”
A number of TV dramas, featuring Rakhi have already been aired on different channels. Her first play was “Bisshoy”, written by Bipasha Hayat and directed by Tauquir Ahmed. Her second play was “Aronno Monjuri” directed by Abul Hayat.
“Terminal”, a serial featuring Rakhi is currently being aired on ntv. Banglavision is airing Ejaj Munna’s “Generation Next”. Other plays, featuring Rakhi include: Khalilur Rahman Shaon’s “Dost Dushman”, Shokal Ahmed’s “Shongshar”, Choyonika Chowdhury’s “Bichchhed”, Saiful Islam Mannu’s “Forgive Me”, Mithu Biswas’ “Chole Jawa Maane Prosthan Noy”, Jamal Mollik’s “Shotti Bolchi Ami Chandu Mia Na”, Shahin Kabir Tutul’s “Honda Masud”, Rakibul Islam’s “Shomoshsha”, and Jobayer Bokor’s “Hit”.
At this moment she is pre-occupied with her Eid projects. When asked, what she dreams of doing, Rakhi says, “I dream of being a sought after actress, that’s all!”

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