“Maggi Taste n Balance” on ntv

June 28, 2010

“Maggi Taste n Balance,” a new cooking show is currently aired on ntv every Monday at 9 pm. The programme emphasises on healthy living through balanced diet.
“ ‘Healthy food for healthy life’ is the theme of the show,” said Rahima Sultana Reeta, host of the programme. She is a consultant of Nestle. Nestle is the sponsor of the programme.
Sultana has been involved in cooking shows for many years now. She did diplomas on culinary skill from Infa Institute in France; Hotel Landmark, Thailand and Bangladesh Tourism Corporation.
“My first programme was on ATN Bangla and it was called ‘Maggi Paka Radhuni.’ The show was quite popular among the audience,” said Sultana.
Other shows hosted by her were “Amader Ranna” on BTV, “Ebong Ranna” on ETV and “Shomoyer Shad” on Channel 1.
“On ‘Maggi Taste n Balance’ I try to feature recipes that are easy to cook and the ingredients used are always available,” said Sultana.
“The recipes shown at the programme have been developed by Nestle through an elaborated project. The recipes have been checked for nutritional values and taste,” said Sultana.
“On the programme we also provide a diet chart which shows the nutritional values of the food to encourage the audience to prepare the recipe for themselves.
“Each episode focuses on a certain type of food — fibre, dairy products, snacks, iron-rich items, protein and so on, to inform the audience about the importance of having a balanced diet,” said Sultana.
Each episode features a celebrity family, who are invited to the show.
“Maggi Taste n Balance” is produced by Foyez Reza.

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