Farah Ruma: All in one

May 31, 2012

Farah Ruma has been in media for more than a decade. She has demonstrated her brilliance in drama, modelling, cinema, and in hosting TV shows. “Amaro Gaite Ichche Holo”, a music show hosted by her has been aired for about two and half years. The programme is telecast on ntv at 9pm once a week. Ruma has shared her thoughts with The Daily Star regarding the programme and other issues as well.
Tell us about the guests on “Amaro Gaite Ichche Holo” .
Farah Ruma: Usually upcoming singers perform in the programme. Young composers and singers, whose first albums have recently been released, and above all artistes who have shown some potential in music are people who get highlighted. Audience and veteran musicians have spoken highly of the compositions of these upcoming musicians.
As an artiste you belong more to the field of drama. So, how does it feel to host such a programme on musicians?
Farah Ruma: Initially it was something new to me. But things do change as time wears on. Now I’m really enjoying it. Overall, I think I’m quite comfortable in my role.
So, are you planning to do it on a regular basis?
Farah Ruma: No. Acting is what I want to focus on. And I want do to that with utmost sincerity. I will never be a host at the cost of my acting career. May be I will host occasionally. However, I am going to anchor a programme on the anniversary of ntv.
Tell us about your new projects.
Farah Ruma: I have worked in a serial named “Omimangshito Golpo” which was directed by Ohiduzzaman Diamond. Besides, I am working on a new serial titled “Maya Nigam” which is directed by Golam Mostofa Shimul. The other one is “Shesh Kotha” directed by Arshad Noor. And apart from this, I have already completed the following projects: Choyonika Chowdhury’s “Ekhono Musholdhare Brishti Jhore,” Shahriar Najim Joy’s “Darkak o Doyeler Golpo,” and Anjan Aich’s three one-hour plays named “Halogen Rohoshyo.”
What about movies?
Farah Ruma: I have just completed the shooting of the movie “Putro Ekhon Poishawala” directed by Nargis Akhter. The movie is going to be released soon.

Courtesy of  The Daily Star

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