“Ebong Banolata Sen”

November 25, 2009

Special tele-film “Ebong Banolata Sen” will be aired on ATN Bangla on the third day of Eid-ul-Azha at 4:30 pm. The film features four actresses in the famous literary character. Afsana Mimi, Tarin, Joya Ahsan and Sanjida Preety will play the epitome of Bengali beauty created by poet Jibanananda Das.
Written and directed by Tanvir Hossain Probal, the story of the film zooms in on Arif, an individual obsessed with literature. Jibanananda Das’ Banolata Sen is Arif’s favourite female character.
He sees Banolata Sen in women surrounding him. Sometimes he imagines that his student is Banolata; then there are times when he finds traces of Banolata in one of his relatives. Arif also finds Banolata in one of his neighbours and a stranger walking the street.
Afsana Mimi, who plays one of the roles, shared her experience: “After reading the script I found it quite interesting, as it is an innovative depiction of the popular literary character.”
Intekhab Dinar plays Arif. Wahida Mallik Jolly, Azad Abul Kalam and Sazu Khadem play other roles.
Mimi also shared an interesting aspect of the tele-film: all of the actors have performed double roles according to the demand of the story.
The tele-film has been produced under the banner of Krishnachura Productions.
In recent times Mimi has significantly reduced her appearance in front of the camera. However, the actress informed that apart from the film, two Eid-special plays featuring her would be aired on Desh TV. The plays are: “Ekti Chhoto Galpo” and “Zinc Oxide”.

Source: The Daily Star

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