Bipasha goes solo in Abul Hayat production

February 27, 2011

Theatre plays featuring a single actor are fast becoming popular. This upward graph in the popularity chart is making the TV play directors interested in such productions. Veteran actor turned director Abul Hayat is going to make a single episode TV play which is going to feature a single actor in the entire production. The TV play Hat Bariye Dao will feature Bipasha Hayat as the solo cast. The shooting for the play will begin on 2 March; the shooting will take place in Dhaka. The storyline of the play centres on the 1971 Liberation War. It centres on the life of a freedom fighter’s wife. After her husband is detained and killed she is apprehended by the Pakistani Army. Some members of the Pakistani occupational forces torture and rape her. After the war she returns to her home. The story takes a turn when it is discovered that she is pregnant.
The story line of the play has been developed by Fazlur Rahman, who has adapted the story from a work of Hariyana Falachi.
Speaking about the upcoming TV play Abul Hayat said, “The main story of this play has been adapted from a work of Hariyana Falachi but it tells the story of 1971”. He also said, “It is quite a challenge to keep the audience focused on a play which features only a single cast. I will try to make the play as interesting as possible”. The TV play will be aired on 26 March on Channel i.


Courtesy of Daily Sun

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