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September 30, 2011

Shooting of Second Hand
Hasna Hena in Pubail where the drama “Second Hand” is being shot is teeming with its cast and crew. As one enters the set, one comes across actor-director Zahid Hasan busy putting on his makeup. Hasan asks cinematographer Anwar Hossain Bulu if his attire is suitable for the scene. On Bulu’s suggestion, Hasan changes his clothes. Then he takes his crew to the bazaar near Pubail College entrance, where the first scene is to be shot.
The second scene will be shot inside Hasna Hena, a beautiful shooting spot stretched over a large piece of land. Far north of Hasna Hena are three houses with tin roofs, one of which has been set up as the residence of Kajol, Hasan’s character in the drama. A sofa has been placed on the veranda, with monitors and cameras on one side and production crew holding reflectors and booms on the other. Actress Maya Ghosh is sitting on the sofa, with Hasan standing at the entrance of the house. Before the shoot, the two rehearse the scene a couple of times. An emotional scene is shot where a joyful mother meets her son who has returned home after a long time. First a long shot, then a close one.
After the scene, a couple of chairs are set up under a Bokul tree for a session of adda. As the adda gets underway, Hasan gives a rundown on the story of the TV play, written by Shafiqur Rahman Shantanu. While he plays the role of Kajol, the cast also features Sarika, Mita Noor, Majnun Mizan and Maya Ghosh. Sarika plays the role of Nilu. Asked why the drama is named “Second Hand”, Hasan explains that the protagonist Kajol is in the habit of buying everything that has been used once. At one point Kajol marries Nilu, who he mistakenly regards as “second hand” (previously married) as well. The misunderstanding takes the story forward.
The adda wraps up and the crew prepares for the next scene, to be shot near a lake outside the shooting spot. Sarika will walk on its banks and run into Hasan. In the scorching heat, the scene is shot quickly.
Another session of adda heats up after lunch, while a group of people from Dhaka pay Hasan a courtesy visit. Later, Hasan amplifies on his recent work, Shushmoy Shumon’s drama “Benefit of Doubt” and “Second Hand” which will be aired as an Eid-ul-Adha special on ntv. Other Eid plans include directing a drama called “Motorcycle” in Sirajganj. Hasan extends an invitation to come to the Sirajganj shooting spot.
Anwar Hossian Bulu comes in to nudge Hasan for the next shot, as the sun is setting.
The camera and monitor are taken to the ghat leading to the pond, where Sarika applies glycerin on her eyes for an emotional scene; two takes are needed to get a nod from the director.
The next scene however takes a while, as the director demands a young goat for the scene. After a good long search, a goat is found, but Zahid Hasan is not satisfied.
So, the scene is shot without the goat, while Sarika sits on a bench under a jackfruit tree, wearing rural attire. In the scene Sarika sits quietly as Hasan makes a sudden appearance. With the call “action”, Hasan rushes to Sarika. Only one take is needed to get the perfect shot.
Night falls on the set. The production crew gets busy arranging a bashor ghor with plenty of flowers for the upcoming scene. Hasan is attired as a groom, while Sarika arrives at the set dressed in a brilliant red sari. Suddenly the lights go off. A generator springs to life; the electricity returns.
The final scene: Sarika sits in the bashor ghor, waiting for Zahid Hasan. She blushes as the actor enters the room with a handkerchief covering his mouth. The cameraman gives an “okay” for the scene.
The shooting for “Second Hand” ends. We begin our journey back home at 10pm.

-With The Daily Star input

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