Azizul Hakim directs drama serial

October 31, 2013

Azizul Hakim directs drama serialAzizul Hakim is directing a drama serial named Nijgrihe Parobashi, which Banglavision started to broadcast from last Sunday.
In addition, the seasoned actor nowadays is busy with
acting in different drama serials.
Nijgrihe Parobashi, written by Hakim’s wife Zinat Hakim, features sweet and bitter experiences of a newly married girl at her in-law’s place.
Actors like Dolly Zuhur, Tanvin Sweety, Agun and others have performed in the serial which is aired on every Sundays and Mondays at 8:15pm.
‘Directing is definitely more challenging than acting. Directing is multi-dimensional while acting is not. A director has to pay attention on many things like casting, schedule, cost control, performance of the actors and others; while an actor only has to give his attention to acting,’ informed Hakim.
‘However, the multi-dimensional aspect of directing attracts me the most. Direction tests my ability of organising, directing and producing,’ added Hakim, who also shared that though he enjoys directing, acting still remains his greatest passion.
Azizul Hakim considers himself an occasional director. ‘I began directing many years ago in 1994 with a teleplay Ja Hariye Jay for ATN Bangla. Since then I have directed five serials and a number of single episode teleplays. But the plays were not frequently aired and thus people might not know much about my directing endeavors,’ said Hakim, who further shared his dreams of directing a film someday.
‘Film is the work of art that can perpetuate an artiste forever. Unlike teleplays, films require much more time, effort and above all and brainstorming. Thus film directing requires many days of planning and preparation. I hope someday I will be able to direct films,’ hoped Hakim.
As a regular face seen on TV channels, Hakim is currently acting in some drama serials including Scandal, which is being aired on ATN Bangla at 10:55pm. Written by Ahmed Shahabuddin and directed by Shakil Ahmed, the play is about the family and social hardships that a media personality goes through. Scandal stars Homaira Himu, Mir Sabbir, Pijush Bandopadhyay, and others.
Azizul Hakim started his acting career in 1977 with the theatre troupe Aranyak Natya Dal. He started acting in TV plays in the late 1980s. As a versatile actor, Hakim’s acting is realistic in all types of characters whether it is a comic character or a serious one. But personally Hakim emphasises on story than on the character when it comes to selecting a drama. ‘I go through the story first and then study the character. I generally prefer to act in those characters that offer different acting challenges to those I have already acted in,’ said Hakim.

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