Aly Zaker compares present with past

November 3, 2012

Eid TV Plays
Aly Zaker compares present with past
Seasoned television actor Aly Zaker, on the occasion of Eid-Ul-Azha, has acted in a drama where he has played a role of a father who faces some archetypical psychological problem in his old age and finds that he has gradually turned unimportant in his son’s life.
The selective actor seldom appears in the TV plays currently. However, there was a time when Aly Zaker was one of the busiest actors during Eid season when BTV was the only TV channel in the country.
The veteran actor observes that, in the BTV era, the quantity of plays during Eids was fewer but quality was ensured while, in recent times, with the boom of TV channels, diverse productions are available but many works are not standard.
‘In past time, BTV produced plays with its own budget regardless of how much advertisement that could draw. So, good quality could be maintained. Now, there are many channels and hundreds of sponsors who have many different types of demands which shape the quality of the plays,’ said Aly Zaker in an interview with New Age.
The actor became nostalgic while recalling the busy days before Eid when popular actors like him used to pass very enjoyable time acting in some humorous plays.
‘That time, Eid brought out plays having light subjects and presented in a comical approach. Those plays had the generated entertainment for every audience. But now all the channels are chalking out elaborative Eid celebration programmes in which plays are given the most priority. This huge number of plays cannot be only comedy ones. So we can find plays offering diverse genres like drama, horror, thriller, adventure and more which can entertain a fragment of the audience,’ said Aly Zaker.
Aly Zaker thinks Eid has become a major platform to demonstrate the talents of the young makers. Aly Zaker said, ‘In BTV era, the limited chunks for Eid plays were usually given to the renowned playwrights and directors. But, with the bang of TV channels, the fledgling makers and writers get the opportunity to show their talent. We can see many experimental and creative works during in the Eid season.’

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