Airtel launches second telefilm ‘Bhalobashi Tai, Bhalobeshe Jai’

August 29, 2011

This Eid, Airtel, private mobile company, brings the multi-dimensional love story ‘Bhalobashi Tai, Bhalobeshe Jai,’  a drama made up of three inter-woven love stories of different relationships. 
The Telefilm is produced by Shihab Shaheen, who also directed the Airtel telefilm “Bhalobashi Tai,” which aired on pahela boishakh. ‘Bhalobashi Tai’ became one of the most talked about telefilms of the year, going on to secure the highest TRP of the year (most watched drama program of the year so far.
‘Bhalobashi Tai, Bhalobeshe Jai’ has the hall-marks of becoming another big success. The cast of the 90 minutes telefilm include some of the most popular stars of the country including Joya Ahsan, Shuvo, Pritee, Tisha, Oni, and Iresh.
To ensure that the audience can enjoy entertainment of the highest quality, the telefilm also has a much higher budget than other telefilms that are being produced for Eid.
Accordingly, the scope, casting, music and animation sequences of the telefilm will be much larger, grander and of higher quality that other dramas that one usually gets to watch on TV.
In addition to the clever storyline, the telefilm also features an exclusive soundtrack. The Telefilm shall be aired on the fourth day of Eid, at 11:30pm at night, only on Ntv.

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