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September 30, 2011

Catching up with Jyotika Jyoti
Lux Anandadhara Photogenic 2004 Jyotika Jyoti has become a familiar face thanks to TV plays, commercials and feature films. Currently she is busy shooting for a feature film and several TV plays.
The Daily Star (TDS) recently got her take on her recent work. Excerpts from the interview:
TDS: Tell us about the TV plays that you have just finished.
Jyoti: I did about 15 plays last Eid. Among the notable ones are Salauddin Lavlu’s “Ochol” and “Kotha Dilam Toh”, Sohel Arman’s “Four Cactus”, GM Saikat’s “Meyetike”, Gazi Faruk’s “Gozai Doctor”, Abdullah Rana’s “Shey Achhe Shey Nei”, and Hossain Muhammad Bela’s “The Sound of Silence”. I had to stay in Sylhet for Abdullah Rana’s play.
TDS: How busy are you with drama serials now?
Jyoti: I’m working on several TV serials now. “Hath-er Rekha Kotha Bole”, “Nithua Pathare”, “Ronger Shongshar”, “Putul Nach-er Itikotha” and “Ohonkar” are being aired on several TV channels now.
On the other hand, I’m working on Habib Masud’s “Motijheel C/A”, Shahriar Nazim Joy’s “Ghuri Urey”, Kaisar Ahmed’s “Mohon Banshi”, Sayeed Tareq’s “Shopnobilash”, Mizanur Rahman Labu’s “Haat” and Al Hazen’s “Shamikaran”.
TDS: Tell us about the feature film in which you star.
Jyoti: It’s an adaptation of Tarashankar Bandopadhyay’s “Bedeni”. Director Abul Kalam Azad has cast me in the title character. I’ve also worked in Belal Ahmed’s “Nandito Narake”, Kobori’s “Aaina” and Tanvir Mokammel’s “Rabeya”.
TDS: When did you step into the media?
Jyoti: In 2004, with Lux Anandadhara Photogenic contest.
TDS: What are your memorable TV plays?
Jyoti: I can remember Animesh Aich’s “Ekti Jhorakranto Shefali Gachh”, Dipankar Dipan’s “Shopnojaal”, Naresh Bhuiyan’s “Mrittushokhigon”, Bikram Khan’s “Shironamhin”, Syed Awlad’s “Chaturbhuj”, Fazlur Rahman’s “Shopnochura”, Saidul Anam Tutul’s “Alok Nagar”, Ferdous Hasan’s “Dahan”, Syed Shakil’s “Rangila Bao”, Tonmoy Tanshen’s “Danguli” and Akram Khan’s “Nabila Chorit”. These plays gave me recognition.
TDS: What is your aspiration as an actor?
Jyoti: I want to work in remarkable plays and films so that the audience will remember me.

-With The Daily Star input

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