Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp come back online after massive outage

October 5, 2021

Facebook on Monday began restoring access to its platform as well as to Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger after a global outage lasting about six hours (Error-reporting website Downdetector recorded an outage for about six hours) shut out many of its 2.7 billion global users, idled some of the company’s employees and prompted a public apology from the chief technology officer.
“Facebook services coming back online now – may take some time to get to 100 per cent,” Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer said in a tweet. “To every small and large business, family, and individual who depends on us, I’m sorry.”
The error-reporting website Downdetector showed the services first stopped working around 11:45am ET. Across the globe, users of Facebook and its sister sites were unable to load content or were greeted with error messages.
Facebook and its affiliated apps began to return online for some users about 5:45pm, some six hours after the incident began.
On its Twitter account, the social media giant apologised for any inconvenienced caused by the blackout, while WhatsApp tweeted that it was “aware that some people are experiencing issues”.

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