Citycell brings pocket router

June 3, 2012

Citycell, the CDMA mobile operator in the country has launched its My-Fi pocket router in the market.
My-Fi is basically a mobile Wi-Fi router.
The router is available at Tk 8000. However, you can also buy the router with pre or post-paid connections. Citycell offers three packages with it 300kbps, 512 kbps and 1Mbps.

Price of the router with packages is available at Citycell’s website.
My-Fi works across the country as Citycell has nationwide coverage.
The router lets its users make their own hotspots and can connect up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices (smartphones, tablet PCs, notebooks) simultaneously.
The pocket-sized router weighs 80g and can be kept inside pocket or bag while using.
It has a rechargeable battery that can serve up to 4 hours of working time and 100 hours of standby time.
The router covers a distance of 30 meter indoor and 50 meter outdoor.
It can also be used as a modem.
The pocket router comes with default password for security reason and can be changed afterwards.

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