Salahuddin sad but looks for future

December 30, 2015

Bangladesh Football Federation president Kazi Salhauddin asked an apology on Tuesday to his fellow countrymen for the failure of national football team in the SAFF Suzuki Cup but he remains hopeful for country’s footballing future. ‘It was a sad day for us regarding the SAFF Championship results of the national football team. I apologise to the nation for not winning the SAFF tournament which was our desire but we could not do it,’ said Salahuddin during the draw ceremony of the Bangabandhu Gold Cup at a city hotel.
Despite the setback the BFF boss refused to give up his dream and he looks forward for a glorious future.
‘We have got a few results from the academy teams. We emerged champions in the SAFF U-16 championship and the U-19 team played the final of the SAFF U-19 Championship [Bangladesh played the semifinal] and we emerged champions in AFC U-14 Championship.
‘That is the outcome of our development activities. The future looks bright.’
Although Salahuddin kept his faith on the future generation but BFF had to close the activities of their football academy though he believes it is a temporary problem.
‘The activities of academy remained close temporary due to the renovation of activities. In line with the FIFA officials’ recommendations, we are trying to rope in proper professional staff as the local coaches are not good enough to produce world-class players.’
Salahuddin also informed that are going to tie up with Saif Power Tech to overcome the financial constraint to run the academy.

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