Developing local coaches Smalley’s top priority

August 23, 2016

The new technical and strategic director of Bangladesh Football Federation, Paul Smalley, said on Monday that improving the technical nuances of the local coaches will be his initial priority.
The Englishman, who signed a two-year contract with the federation, spoke during a ceremony at the BFF house where he and national team’s new Belgian coach Tom Saintfiet were introduced.
‘My first priority would be to develop coaches here in Bangladesh because if you are going to develop best, you need best teachers. So my early priority is going to look at the infrastructures here’, said Smalley.
‘If you look at eight divisions, certainly I have some ideas and I need to take some guidance but we need to develop a league, where we can work closely throughout the country with some of the best coaches.’
He also said that if Bangladesh can apply the best technical and strategic plans of the developed footballing world, they would be able to produce better coaches, who in the long run can help the nation to nurture talented players.
‘Obviously the development of the game is going to take longer than two years. But my ambition is to put impression very quickly of plan that recognised outside of Bangladesh in compares very favourably with some of the best technical and strategic plans in the world’, said Smalley after BFF vice-president Kazi Nabil Ahmed introduced them to the media.
‘I have significant experience at this level and the technical plans are important because they create a pathway for the achievement and development of the game.’
It was learnt that the game’s governing body would have to bear US $20,000 per month for Paul Smalley and Tom Saintfiet, who has signed up for two months for Bangladesh’s two Asian Cup Qualifiers play-offs against Bhutan.

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