Another blow for Dhaka MSC

May 27, 2010

Dhaka Mohammedan Sporting Club showed another embarrassing result in the Citycell Bangladesh League on Wednesday when they were forced to make a 1-1 draw with the Chittagong Mohammedan Sporting Club.
Dhaka Mohammedan, one of the foremost title contenders of the league, who already been ousted from the race dropping points to the rivals Abahani and Sheikh Russel in the first leg and lowly Beani Bazar and Farashganj, saw another blow in the second last game of the league. Dhaka Abahani have already clinched the Bangladesh League titles three times in a row.
Although, the draw is harmless to secure their successive third runners-up trophy of the Bangladesh League but it was something disgrace for the Dhaka giants to share points at home match to a mediocre side.
However, the traditional Black and Whites (Dhaka Mohammedan) were also escaped from more embarrassment when they were going to concede a defeat to their fellow Chittagong outfit.
Both the Mohammedans onset to attacking strategy and they shared the ball possession almost evenly while the hosts edged an early scare, as the Chittagong MSC striker Lamin blasted a right footer from top of the box and Aminul forced to save it at the cost of corner.
After the goalless first half, Dhaka Mohammedan became more lacklustre, as the visitors put them under pressure with some strong attacks and Ridon stunned the national goalkeeper Aminul firing a wall pass, fabricated with Lamin (1-0).
Trailing by 0-1, the Dhaka giants became desperate and it looked that they got their live and kept their control for last half an hour of the game and Komol salvaged equalising the margin on 76th.
After levelling the margin Dhaka Mohammedan had some good occasions to win the match but strikers failed to utilise the chances.
Courtesy of The Independent

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