Victorians approach BCB for dues

June 24, 2016

The players of the Victorian Sporting Club on Thursday approached to Bangladesh Cricket Board with the allegation that their club officials did not pay them even after the completion of Dhaka Premier League. According to BCB rule the clubs were obliged to pay at least 60 per cent of the payments to players before the end of first round matches but many clubs did not do that even after the completion of the league.
On Sunday, the president of BCB Nazmul Hassan asked the clubs
to pay the dues to the players and warned them that if they fail they have to face severe actions from the board.
The BCB boss also assured that the board itself will pay the dues to the players if the clubs failed to do that.
After the end of the deadline the Victorian players informed to Nizamuddin Chowdhury, the chief executive officer of the BCB that they did not receive the payments.
‘We have been investigating the issue’ said Nizamuddin. ‘BCB will take actions after completing the investigation’.
Victorian skipper Nadif Chowdury alleged they got only a tiny percentage of their payment and the club officials did not response when they tried to contact them.
‘Only one of our players got 40 per cent of his payment. The others got 10, 20 or 30 percent.
‘Our players cannot even go home during the Eid as they did not receive the money.
‘The CEO has assured us that he will look after the issue.’
The Victorian players said that the club officials not only decline to response them but also they were absent in their last match of the league on Wednesday.
Nadif also criticised on the players’ by choice system.
‘The system has always created the problem about the dues of the cricketer. The previous system was better. We would get 80-90 per cent payment before the start of the league.’
It was alleged that a few other clubs, which
include Brothers Union, Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club did not complete the required payment. BCB chief executive Nizamuddin said they will work out the entire issue within couple of days before going for any action.

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