Steyn wins hearts of Bangladeshi fans

July 25, 2015

During the rain-hit fourth day of the Chittagong Test South African speed-star Dale Steyn not only found some entertainment off the field but also showed the other side of his character unlike a fearsome fast bowler on Friday. The paceman who is just one wicket away from 400 Test scalps bored himself in the team hotel as the day’s play was washed off and he could not help himself joining some lads, who were enjoying football amid incessant rain.
At 4:50 pm Steyn posted a picture on his official Twitter account where some boys were seen playing football through the window of his room. The South African posted ‘Stuck in my room all day, watching these kids playing soccer in the rain looks like plenty fun ‘.
An hour later, he not only posted another tweet but also attached a 15 second video that showed him playing football with those boys on the road.
Elated Steyn stated on his tweeter ‘I may have just broken every security protocol, my coach won’t be happy, but this was just to good to…’
The post became viral and Bangladeshi cricket fans hailed him through various comments and one of them said, ‘bravo Dale! 🙂 You just won the hearts of 160 million people.’
After South Africa’s semi-final lose against New Zealand in the World Cup earlier in this year this is their first assignment and Steyn decided to take himself off from the shorter version games in the series in order to prolong his career.
Steyn said, ‘At this stage of my career, I’d rather be saving myself to go and participate in the major tournaments, rather than wasting the few balls I have left in my career in a Bangladesh match’.
That statement infuriated the fans as they believed he demeaned the Bangladesh and they made barrage of comments throughout the social media.
Ultimately Steyn said sorry to one of the Bangladeshi fans in the tweeter saying that he felt sorry for his comment that hurt the Bangladeshi fans.

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