Players ignore BCB ultimatum

December 31, 2009

The crisis over the National Cricket League has deepened further as no players responded to the ultimatum of the Bangladesh Cricket Board on Wednesday.
The BCB on Tuesday had issued the ultimatum asking the players to join practice for their respective divisional sides by July 30 and warned that failing to do will be deemed as a breach of discipline.
The ultimatum came after the Cricketers Welfare Association of Bangladesh threatened to boycott the competition unless the BCB raises the match fees for a four-day match to Tk 35,000, for one-day match Tk 20,000 and for Twenty20 match Tk 10,000.
The CWAB alleged that they wanted to discuss the issue at least seven months ago only to be shunned by the Board officials. The BCB on the other hand alleged that the CWAB is trying to blackmail it at the eleventh hour at the instigation of a vested group.
The BCB called an emergency meeting on Thursday to discuss the issue. A media briefing will be held afterwards. The NCL, the maiden first-class competition of the country, is scheduled to begin on January 1.

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