No review system adds to Tigers’ woes

May 27, 2010

The England and Welsh Cricket Board has decided against using the umpiring decision review system in the two-Test series against Bangladesh, dealing a blow to the tourists, already struggling with many odds.
The decision came after the talks between the International Cricket Council and host broadcaster Sky on the DRS costs broke down, and so it will not feature at Lord’s and Old Trafford where the two Tests will be held.
Bangladesh are understandably frustrated at not having the system in place which was about to make its English debut with the series. They were the worst victim of some umpiring errors in the recent times, most notably in the last Test match against England at home.
In England’s first innings of the match at the Sher-e-Bangla Stadium, Tim Bresnan, Matt Prior and Ian Bell all were heavily benefited by the erroneous decisions, which eventually proved decisive.
It had created uproar in Bangladesh which left even many Englishmen sympathise with them. They include the ICC president David Morgan, who watched everything from the pavilion.
The Bangladesh Cricket Board was heavily criticised for not paying to install the system and Morgan was supportive of them. Later at a press conference at the SBNS, Morgan had called on the broadcaster to bear the expenses and promised to work out a solution so that it can be made mandatory for every Test series.
In its recent meeting the ICC also vowed to make it mandatory for every Test match and revealed a plan to use it in every match at the 2011 World Cup. But the cost issue still seemed to have remained unresolved and it was just exposed in this series.
‘I was really expecting to have the system in place for the series. But this is something which we can’t control and therefore I am not thinking too much about it. My focus is now only on cricket,’ said Sakib.
Sakib made the comments just after holding a meeting with match referee Allan Hurst where the decision was officially conveyed to him. The match referee at the meeting reminded Sakib and his England counterpart Andrew Strauss to keep their players respectful towards the umpires.
A consequence of doing without review system is that Pakistan’s Aleem Dar, due to be the third umpire at Lord’s, has been replaced by former England spinner Richard Illingworth. As per rules the third umpire also has to be on the ICC elite panel if there is any review system in place.
Under the system, teams are allowed to make two referrals per innings where they can challenge an on-field umpire’s decision, and the third umpire using television technology makes a final decision on whether the men in the middle have got it right.

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