New rule will add variation to Tigers’ bowling: Jurgensen

June 3, 2012

The use of two bouncers in an over in the one-day international as recommended by the International Cricket Council’s cricket committee recently will add variation to Bangladesh’s pace bowling attack, said bowling coach Shane Jurgensen.
The ICC’s cricket committee made the recommendation at its May 30-31 meeting at Lords where a wide range of issues were also discussed.
‘It’s hard to say at this moment as we have never played a game with that rule but the advantage for the bowlers is that it will provide another variation during the new ball, during the powerplay and the death overs,’ Jurgensen told New Age on Saturday.
‘Batters may then think twice whether to switch-hit, scoop or lap yorkers if they know that another bouncer is available to be used,’ said Jurgensen, who joined the Tigers in October, 2011 replacing Ian Pont.
Jurgensen observed that the Bangladeshi pace bowlers are at par with other players of the world as far fast bowling is concerned but believed that it will not be the only criterion for becoming successful with the bouncers.
‘We have guys pushing 135-140kph just like every other country does,’ said Jurgensen, who signed a contract that would see him with the Bangladesh team upto June 2013.
‘A good bouncer is just isn’t about the pace you bowl. It’s also about the impact of the pitch it has and also being smart about when to use the bouncer as a surprise,’ he said.
‘This rule if it comes in also includes the option for a slower bouncer too,’ said the Australian.
Among many other topics it was also discussed that the powerplay will be restricted to the first 10 overs plus one five-over batting powerplay, to be completed by the 40th over.
Unlike the past there would be no bowling powerplay and Jurgensen sees both advantage and disadvantage of it for the Tigers.
‘It may provide an opportunity to use more spin during the middle overs which may suit us and make life easier for the captains as it will help control the over rates slightly,’ said Jurgensen.
‘Bowling powerplays provide a lot of opportunity for wickets, our powerplay bowling was excellent in the recently concluded Asia Cup,’ he added.

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