Nazmul bins chance of compromise with Saber

September 27, 2017

Bangladesh Cricket Board president Nazmul Hasan on Tuesday ruled out any chance of compromise with his one of the predecessors Saber Hossain Chowdhury regarding the dispute over BCB’s constitution.
Saber, also a fellow lawmaker of Nazmul from the ruling party, recently asked the BCB to cancel its planned Annual General Meeting on October 2, saying that thepresent Board of Directors has no lawful authorities to hold it.
Later on September 24, Mubasshar Hussain, a former executive member of the BCB believed to be loyal to Saber, filed a writ petition with the High Court, seeking the postponement of the meeting.
Mubasshar in his petition claimed that the BCB’s present board of directors, led by Nazmul, was ‘illegal’ as the Supreme Court had declared the BCB constitution that was modified by NSC on November 21, 2012, as ‘legal’.
A High Court bench of Justice SM Emdadul Hoque and Justice Bhishmadev Chakrabortty on Tuesday rejected the prayer of suspending the AGM but asked the government to explain why they should not prevent the present board of directors of the BCB from holding office.
‘So far we know there is no restriction on us to continue our functions,’ Nazmul told reporters at his BCB office reacting to the court order. There is also no restriction on us about holding the AGM and EGM [Extraordinary General Meeting] on a designated day. So I don’t see any reason for us to be concerned of.’
Nazmul insisted that they would abide by the court and there was no need for any off-the-court settlement of their legal dispute.
‘We identified that only to a handful of seven individuals see nothing good in Bangladesh cricket [in the past four years],’ said Nazmul.
‘They did not congratulate us on any success whereas entire people of Bangladesh praised us. But they don’t consider them as success. What we think success, they consider it as failure. What kind of compromise we can reach with them?’ he said.
Nazmul said that they were yet to consider any move about holding the next BCB election, though the present
board of directors will serve out its tenure on October 13.
‘We are yet to make any decision about election,’ said Nazmul. ‘At the moment our priority is to hold the AGM and EGM because we need a valid constitution.
The moment it is done, we will think of election,’ he said.

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