Nazmul admits to player’s syndicate

November 28, 2014

Bangladesh Cricket Board president Nazmul Hasan on Thursday claimed that until recently, new players were unwelcome in the national team, as a strong syndicate of seniors always opposed their inclusion. Speaking to a press conference at his Bexmico office, Nazmul said once he took over the board he successfully dismantled the syndicate, contributing to their recent success. ‘When I came to the board, I saw it was difficult for new players to come to the national team,’ Nazmul said. ‘It was like everybody had a set position – I play here and you play there – and there was no scope to change these positions.’
‘Even if somebody did well he was not given a chance. To accommodate new players, old players have to make way, and so new players were not taken into the side.’
‘This attitude needed to change. We are seeing this change now and that is why team spirit is now better than in any time in the past,’ said Nazmul.
The BCB president also added a few examples to support his claim.
‘When Mominul came into the side he was not given a chance in many matches despite doing well. It was because they had to drop Riyad [Mahmudullah] or Nasir [Hossain],’ he said.

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