Bermuda bans cricketer for life after brawl

September 23, 2015

An on-field brawl between two Bermuda club cricketers during the country’s Champion of Champions final on September 12 has resulted in one of them being banned for life by the Bermuda Cricket Board. At the end of an over during the game, Cleveland County Cricket Club’s wicketkeeper Jason Anderson, while changing ends, smacked the Willow Cuts Cricket Club’s batsman George O’Brien on the head to spark off a massive fight. O’Brien swung his bat at Anderson, who then rushed the batsman and pushed him to the ground.
Anderson then appeared to aim at kick at O’Brien’s body too.
Anderson was given a life ban by the BCB, while O’Brien was suspended for a length of time that will include six 50-over matches at the start of the next season.

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