‘B’desh will produce many pacers’

July 31, 2016

Former Pakistani pace bowler Aaqib Javed said on Saturday that Bangladesh will produce some genuine pace bowlers in future as the present generation has their own role models.
Aaqib arrived here on Friday to conduct a week long training programme to help the upcoming pace bowlers of the specialised bowling camp as well as the national pace bowlers by sharing his knowledge.
Bangladesh team made a transformation in the recent past by coming out of their traditional set-up of spin oriented bowling attack on the back of some talented pace bowlers pulling the string.
Aaqib believes pacers like Rubel Hossain, Taskin Ahmed and Mustafizur Rahman will inspire others to become fast bowlers.
‘Being a Bangladeshi, whatever picture or video you show them of a fast bowler, it won’t inspire the youngsters unless you show them a Bangladeshi bowling at 145kph,’ Aaqib told reporters after completing the opening day of his assignment with the pacers.
‘But it has happened recently and three of your guys have been showing youngsters that they can bowl fast.
‘That confidence is there. And this is the beginning.
‘We used to have only few fast bowlers but when Imran [Khan] came up as role model, we never looked back.
‘After Rubel, Taskin and Mustafiz, you will have many fast bowlers in the next few years as you have your own role models,’ he said.
Aaqib said that he is confident that even his short stint with the pacers will be very much beneficial as he can lay the platform on which they can build their future.
On the opening day, Aaqib emphasised on three pillars of pace bowling that is comprised of speeding run-up along with perfect front foot plantation and extracting force through side-on follow through.
‘I always believe in process, which means you can make a difference. In a week you can transfer some knowledge but you can’t actually move them into progression,’ said Aaqib.
‘Sometimes it is difficult to accept something that is not suitable but I can
transfer knowledge, give them a plan and after three months I can return and see what levels they have reached.
‘It would not make a difference if I will not be around after 6-7 days, but they should know where they are headed.
‘It is important to deliver the message. In the morning session, I was emphasising on the three pillars of pace bowling.
‘After the session, I asked everyone to address the three pillars to others. If they don’t understand, there’s no point. Before I go, I will make sure that there will be fast bowling coaches.’
Aaqib said that during his stint with the national pace bowlers he will try to impart his experience with them as per their requirements.
‘There’s a different level of coaching. In the U-19 level, you try to make them aware and transfer knowledge to them, and then when you work with elite bowlers you do it one-on-one.
‘You ask them if there’s anything where I can help them. At that level it is all tactics, mental skills.
‘I was discussing with the young guys what form means. The same person is in a good nick and next day is not in form. What’s that? It is all in your mind. One day you’re sending very clear message to your body. It is all body-mind connection.’

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