BCB clutching at straws

September 30, 2015

The Bangladesh Cricket Board on Tuesday was hoping against hope to revive the home series against Australia after a series of events over the last few days has thrown it into serious doubt.
Cricket Australia has not communicated with the BCB about its decision till late in the evening of Tuesday, leaving BCB in an awkward situation as it cannot go ahead with the preparation of the series.
Reports coming from Australia suggested that the series in all likelihood could be scrapped despite repeated assurance of top-level security by the Bangladesh authorities.
The killing of an Italian national in top-security diplomatic zone on Monday night and the reported claim of Islamic States, an international militant group about the responsibility of the murder also did not help BCB’s cause.
A travel warning issued by United Kingdom and United States has only worsened the matter.
The UK in its travel warning on Monday advised its officials to limit attendance at events where westerners may gather.
The US separately noted there was ‘reliable new information to suggest that militants may be planning to target Australian interests in Bangladesh’.
‘Such attacks, should they occur, could likely affect other foreigners, including US citizens,’ the US Department of State bulletin stated.
The US banned all its government personnel in Bangladesh from attending large gatherings, including events at international hotels.
As a direct consequence of the warning the American Club in Dhaka and some international schools were declared closed.
Despite all these developments, the BCB president Nazmul Hasan on Tuesday said he finds no reason
why Australia should abandon their tour to Bangladesh.
‘It would be very unfortunate,’ Nazmul told reporters at his residence. ‘I don’t see any reason why they won’t arrive. We assured them four-layer security.’
Nazmul said it will take at least two days two know the decision of Cricket Australia.
The CA was expected to be briefed by its security chief Sean Carroll and two other officials, who held a series of meetings with Bangladesh authorities earlier this week.
Carroll, team manager Gavin Dovey and team’s security manager Frank Dimasi have all left Dhaka on Monday night in further blow to BCB, who were caught unaware of their schedule.
While Carroll was scheduled to leave on Monday, the BCB had expected manager Dovey and security manager Dimasi to stay as they are also part of the Australian team.
‘I don’t know why they have decided to leave. It’s entirely their decision,’ said Nazmul.
A BCB official, asking not to be quoted, said manager Dovey promised him to come back in two days, but things changed quickly following the murder of an Italian citizen.
‘At the time of his departure by Singapore Airlines flight at 11:55pm, he was unaware of the news. I am not sure whether he still maintains the same position,’ he said.
The BCB said the Australians were particularly worried about the security of the annual glitter ball programme, a gala event which is scheduled on October 2 at a posh hotel in Dhaka.

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