Om Puri’s wife exposes his sexual encounters

November 13, 2009

Veteran actor Om Puri is not a happy man at the moment. What he thought would be beautiful turned out so ugly.
He is extremely upset with his wife Nandita for making his sexual encounters public in the media to market her biography Unlikely Hero: The Story Of Om Puri. He said that he couldn’t forgive her.
Om, who is currently shooting for a film in Chandigarh, said that he was shocked to hear his wife speaking about the biography she had written on him. Her shocking revelations have upset him like never before, as she talked about his sexual encounters as if those were his biggest achievements. He said that he would not let his wife get away with the mistake.
Nandita revealed that her husband had sex with his maid Shanti at the age of 14 and has a liaison with a woman named Laxmi.
The actor is upset because he shared all his dark secrets as any good husband would to his wife but she made the secret part of his life so cheap and mean. He is of the opinion that she should have shared the experiences that are a valuable part of his life. He said that he wouldn’t let her use his private life to sensationalise her book.
Om said clarified that the woman named Laxmi, whom Nandita talked about, is a special woman in his life, as she raised him and her brother’s orphaned children. He added that his relationship with her was beautiful and that it is his homage to her loyalty for looking after him unconditionally.
He thinks that there are lots of things to talk about him other than this dark side of his life. He revealed that he couldn’t stop her from writing his biography, as she is his wife, though he was well aware that another person is writing one. He added that she has forgotten who she is. He also claimed that he didn’t know that she would use the incidents to sell her book, as she didn’t let him read the manuscript.
Meanwhile, Nadita has her own story to tell. She said that her book is not a pornography but about Om, the man and the actor. He made mistakes like any human do. She admitted that his sexual experiences are an integral part of the book but blamed the journalist who interviewed her for framing her. She claimed that the journo spoke only about Om’s sexual encounters for 20 minutes and then stopped without getting into other part of his life.
She said that she was horrified on seeing the show. As expected, she received a call from her angry husband. She revealed that he is angry and so too is her publishers and she.

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