Deepika Blames It All To Katrina Kaif

October 25, 2009

Now when the cracks have started to appeear between Deepika-Ranbir’s love masion, we are going to tell the reason behind it. It’s Ranbir’s Ajab-Ghazab co-star Katrina Kaif who is making Deepika Padukone one insecure lass, at least that is what Deepika thinks.
Apparantly after working in two films Ranbir and Kat get along like house on fire. Katrina has been heard saying that she feels pretty comfortable working with Ranbir. She even has her own take on their sizzling ‘chemistry’.
She said that their great chemistry is an outcome of people who have the same vision. But giving the relationship a twist, Ranbir revealed that Katrina bullied him while he complimented her and all this ‘friendly’ talk hasn’t gone down too well with Madam D.
In a recent TV interview, Deepika had candidly admitted to feeling insecure about her relationship when rumours about her beau’s fondness for Kat were doing the rounds.
But lately Bollywood has been abuzz with the rumours of Deepika’s special fondness for her, Farhan Akhtar and she believes these rumours are being floated by none other tha Katrina, who had dropped in for a visit on the set the day they were shooting for an intimate scene.
Deepika also feels that Katrina is behind recent reports of her fight with Ranbir.
According to a source, Katrina was present at Shabina Khan’s party where it was very visible that Ranbir and Deepika had a tiff. It was such a small group, and they were all friends, so it has to be Kat who spread the news.
But the people close to Kaif main that the she doesn’t meddle in any other actress’ affairs.
A source close to Kaif asks, “What can she possibly get by spreading stories about Deepika? She is not the sort of person to resort to mud-slinging. Someone is creating a misunderstanding between them.”


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